Original 18 X 18 Inch Acrylic Painting – Black, White, Teal, Magenta and Yellow

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Original 18 x 18 inch Acrylic Painting by Kris Williams

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This painting was created on a 18 x 18 inch wood panel. The colors used were black, white, teal, magenta and yellow. The side of the painting are painted white and the back is signed by the artist (Kris Williams) with a sharpie along with the year it was made (2020).

Hardware is not included nor needed to hang the painting. Since the panel has a lip that measures just under and inch deep, all you need is a couple of nails to hang it.

As with all art, it is recommended not to hang it in direct sunlight. Over time, direct sunlight can fade artwork. And – with the artwork being on a wood panel, I would avoid hanging it in a bathroom or other areas that might get overly humid since the moisture could warp the wood.

Also keep in mind the the colors can be difficult to represent acurately in the photos – there may be a slight difference between the photos and the actual painting. Please see all photos to get the best idea of color taking in mind reflections of light. That said, I have done my best to match the colors as close as possible and have not had any complaints so far.

The painting will arrived well packed and wrapped with a thank

you card (as pictured).

Thank you so much for your interest!

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