Week 2: Progress & the Rona

What a week… what a week…

Let’s just say my hopes of being skipped by COVID did not happen and it threw a bit of a wrench into my week. 

Once one person in the household tested positive, we all backed off on going out and about. This included going to the gym. With the gym being out of the question I thought, “No gym – I can still go out for walks…”

However, I ended up with some serious vertigo for days, which was not a symptom I expected. I noticed when I turned my head, my vision trailed… I felt off balance and unsteady on my feet. The feeling left me with a queasy stomach and over all I found I was slightly out of breath over the smallest things.

So, rather than force it, I decided to let myself off the hook for the week. Listen to my body, see how the week plays out and go from there. 

On the food front – it was admittedly all over the place.

Somedays I stuck to my plan, other days I just wanted the typical comfort foods you crave while sick. That said, did my best to avoid over eating when we did indulge. Or, on days where I knew we would indulge, I would skip one of my planned meals at an attempt to balance things out.

Our biggest weakness this week was pizza…

And, since just about everyone we know who had covid suggested drinking Pedialyte, we were all over it until we realized how much sugar is in that shit.

While I ended Week 1 strong at 194.0 (4.6 pounds down in a week), Week 2 I weighed in at 193.8.  

This week’s loss may not have been as dramatic as last week’s… but it was still a loss. Despite life throwing a curveball, I am still headed in the right direction. 

And that – is something worth celebrating.

This week, there will be a lot of seeing how things play out. I definitely want to get back on track fully with the food but the exercise might have to wait a few more days based on how I’m feeling today.

What can ya do but learn to roll with the punches?

How was your week? Go as planned? Challenges? Wins? Tricks or tips? Please, share below!

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