Kris Williams can be booked for events and appearances to share her expertise as :

Genealogy Consultant

Kris Williams got involved with genealogy when she was 11-years old. In addition to researching her own family over the years, she has helped clients with genealogical research. As a result of her genealogy research knowledge, she was hired on Syfy's Ghost Hunters as a Historical Researcher and Investigator. She spent several years researching locations and the people who might theoretically be haunting locations throughout the nation. Now she travels the world as a lead investigator on Ghost Hunters International and researches international locations. Kris also leads lectures and seminars, and teaches others how to document their family history. Her lectures and seminars covers: Knowing One's Roots, Getting Started and Research Tips. Additionally, Kris contributes to, where she shares her passion for genealogy, and encourages others to begin their own search.

Travel Consultant

For more than three years, Kris Williams has traveled the United States with Ghost Hunters; she's also spent the last year and a half traveling the world with Ghost Hunters International, where she has had the opportunity to see 22 countries. Through the years on the road and learning to live out of a suitcase, Kris has picked up many travel tips and shares these experiences in presentations and appearances. Her lecture covers everything from the local history, customs and belief systems, to strange food and hilarious misunderstandings - as well as the dangers that can come with international travel.

Paranormal Consultant

Kris Williams has spent the last five years traveling the globe researching the paranormal - first as a Historical Researcher for Ghost Hunters then as a Lead Investigator on Ghost Hunters International. Kris is a skeptic who enjoys learning the history of the location as well as trying to find rational reasons for the locations paranormal claims. Her paranormal presentations include her experiences and personal theories. She is also very passionate about lecturing on the importance of Ethics in the Paranormal.

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