Are you sick and tired of being fed the shit they call music on the radio? Do you miss songs with lyrics written to make you think rather than lyrics created for a quick buck? Do you also long for musicians who write their own music and play their own instruments?

The music world is overlooking a large majority of us who still fall back on good old rock 'n' roll like The Doors, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Rock is not dead! Bands like those are still loved by the generation who was lucky enough to see their rise to greatness. They are also loved by my generation whose parents raised them on it and who are raising their kids on the same stuff.

Why are we bombarded with, and accept, music that has been auto-tuned to death? This left me wondering what the hell happened to real talent. Where are the bands who are out there putting in their time on the road and the musicians who aren’t depending on overnight success through some YouTube stunt or televised music competition?

I had just about given up on new music altogether until a cross-country trip I took with my Dad. Driving through Texas on the way to Arizona, a band called Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights came on the radio. This Dallas-based band grabbed our attention immediately. From then on out, it became a personal goal of mine to find other bands out there that are doing rock right - and pass them on to my friends and fans.

So if you have the same taste in music and don’t know where to look for amazing new bands (or you just don’t have the time to search), I have your back! Check out the bands listed below. When you decide you love them, follow them, see them live, buy their music and spread the word. The only way they are going to be succeed is with our support!

Rival Sons: Pressure & Time - Face of Light - Save Me - Only One
The Sheepdogs: How Late, How Long - Southern Dreaming - I Don't Know - Who?
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights: Pardon Me - Bright Energy - Gypsy Woman - Devil's Basment
Taddy Porter: Gotta Get You Back - Shake Me - Long Slow Drag - King Louie
Band of Bees: Horsemen - Sliver Line - I Really Need Love - Wash In The Rain
The Parlor Mob: Can't Keep No Good Boy Down - Everything You're Breathing For - Tide of Tears - Practice in Patience
War On Drugs: Best Night - Baby Missiles

Do you have any recommendations that you don’t see on my list? If so, send suggestions to and you just might find them added to the list of must sees!