Not that I'm kicking you out of here or anything, but if you get a chance, check out the sites below. Some of them belong to friends, and others are for people or groups whose work I respect.

Ghost Hunters International
The Syfy site for our team of globetrotting paranormal investigators.
Genealogy is a passion and hobby for me, and I've found to be immensely helpful to the task of track down my family's history. On this site, it really is all relative.

Zak Bagans
Zak is the host of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, and is a friend with a unique style of investigating.

McKenzie Westmore
The host of Syfy's FaceOff is a great actress, excellent judge of makeup effects and an awesome chick.

Adrienne Curry
Adrienne is a Top Model, reality-TV star and really sweet girl. But don't tick her off because she can dropkick you. She also looks great in a gold Princess Leia bikini.
The site of writer, lecturer and pundit Aaron Sagers, which is dedicated to the entertainment of all things unexplained.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
I don't personally know Ellen, but I've always really admired her and watch her show anytime I'm sitting still. She might dance better than me.

The Doors
The official site for my favorite band. Visit, look, listen, drool. But remember, I plan on going back in time and marrying Jim Morrison.

Girls, why spend a fortune on hair care products when Pantene keeps even my hair healthy and happy - no matter how much damage I do to it during late-night adventures and international travel?

As someone who is always on the move for work and fun, Kayak is my number one destination for all-around travel deals.

Jeff Parshley is a friend of mine from high school, and I'm happy to join him and his partner Adam Bouska's silent protest photo project in support of gay rights

Alzheimer's Foundation of America and Alzheimer's Association
As someone whose family has been deeply affected by this tragic disease, I support the efforts of these groups. Together, they educate, raise awareness and help both the patients and families suffering from this debilitating affliction.

Girls On The Run
I'm an ardent supporter of this non-profit group dedicated to making girls feel good about themselves, and teaches important physical, mental and spiritual lessons on building self-esteem, healthy exercise and eating right.