Operation Inhale

Admit it… the title got your attention.

Smoking? Nope. Drugs related? Hell no. Then there will be those people who read it with a dirty mind – Guess what!? You’re wrong too!

In any case – it got you here! So, let’s see if you can relate to this one…

Let’s say you have a food craving – for some reason Twinkies popped into my head, which makes no sense since they are the last thing I would normally crave but let’s just roll with it.



You have a Twinkie craving.

It is NAGGING at you. You ignore it the best you can. You try to find ways to keep yourself busy – hoping you’ll move past the craving… but eventually you lose the battle to the almighty Twinkie gods.

You find yourself going out of your way to buy them now your cramming them into your pie-hole like there’s no tomorrow.

The Twinkie has just made you it’s b#%ch.

Now it’s gone – minus some crumbs on your shirt – and while your craving may have subsided… seconds later it’s like you never had it.

Have you ever noticed that when a craving wins and you’re throwing the food into your head – you really aren’t tasting whatever it is? You’re just cramming whatever it is into your face – you’re tasting nothing and you’re not enjoying it.

Like it never happened.

But it did happen – because you’ve noticed your ass has grown two sizes in the last three months and you feel like crap physically and emotionally… So there’s that.

Operation Inhale.

You’re tasting nothing – you’re just throwing the food in, not enjoying it… the craving has just owned you.

I used to be really good at avoiding this – telling myself to wait it out since really… I could eat whatever it is and two seconds later it’d be like it never happened. So why not just skip it, go straight to “it never happened” and not punish your jeans or yourself.

Gaining control after you have lost it is one of the hardest things but like everything else – stick to it long enough and it’ll become easy.

I cannot wait for that day to come.


Can you relate? Do you have any tricks to avoid this trap?! Let’s hear and share below!

Kris Williams